Wednesday, September 30, 2015

London, UK

The hubs and I recently visited London, and boy, was it amazing! We were in town for about a week and stayed at the JW Grosvenor House. It was one of the nicest hotels I've ever stayed at! It was located near Hyde Park and was in walking distance to the tube, great food, and lots of touristy sites.

Here are a few of the highlights from our trip!

Big Ben

London Eye

Tower of London and Skyline

The food in London was absolutely delicious! Our favorite restaurants were the Grazing Goat and Three Tuns, both were pubs located in the Mayfair area. The hubs and I love eating the meat pies, we ordered one every time we went out. The cider ales are also very delicious, my favorite was the Mortimer, yum! 

Tower Bridge

Hyde Park

Biking through Hyde Park was definitely one of the highlights! The park was beautiful!

Cheesin with my love!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Lost in the Woods

Having recently moved to the DC area, we took a short stroll through the woods. Although we didn't have a blog post in mind, the photos that came out were just too fun not to share. I dug out my old Anthropologie dress ("oh, this old thing?"). There are countless easy access areas off the 4-Mile Run Trail for photographers looking for a fun spot to shoot.


Friday, May 15, 2015

Antalya, Turkey - Things to see

We recently traveled to Antalya, Turkey and had the most amazing time. I’d like to share some of our favorite places to visit and other helpful tips.

Besides having beautiful beaches, Antalya also has incredible ruins. The first ruin we visited was Aspendos. This was an old Roman theatre that’s still used today! It would have been pretty incredible to see a concert here!

Next we visited Perge, an old Roman city. When I visited, I was the only visitor and had the site all to myself! It was really cool exploring the old city, I wonder what it was like back in the Roman days?

Old City Antalya  
Another amazing place to visit is the Kaleici Marina in Old Antalya. This place is breathtaking! The marina is very colorful with all the boats and the Mediterranean Sea was so calm with gorgeous mountains in the background. We absolutely loved it here! I could have spent days here just gazing at the sea and wandering the narrow streets. I also took a short boat ride on the sea. There are many boats in the marina offering tours which last roughly 45 minutes, just be sure to bargain!  

When to visit
The best time to travel to Antalya is between April-May and September-November. The summers are hot and the winters are cold. I highly recommend traveling in May, the weather is great and the crowds are small.  

Be sure to try the Turkish coffee and chai at least once! The coffee is very strong but delicious. I also recommend buying a roll of the pistachio nougats too, these are my favorite!

Prearrange transportation from the airport to your hotel. I used Antalya Touristic Service, they were on time and their prices were very reasonable, around 100 Lira one way. For our day tours, we arranged with a driver from our hotel, which cost around 270 Lira for an all day tour.

We used ATMs to withdraw Turkish Lira and Euros (which are also accepted in Turkey). We had no trouble finding ATMs and the conversion rates were reasonable. Entrance to the historical sites were 20 Lira and a boat ride in the Marina should only cost around 10 Lira. 

Antalya seemed like a fairly low crime area. I felt safe where I traveled but it’s always important to use common sense and be vigilant.   

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Good-bye NYC!

The hubs and I left NYC today. It's bittersweet. We're really going to miss our friends but I know we'll see them again soon. Yesterday, a good friend took us all over the city. She knows the best places for food! I hardly took any pictures of the food we ate (doh!), but I'll never forget it! We had prime rib, pasta, doughnuts, hot chocolate, fresh cookies, and some good ol' sourthern food. We ate A LOT of food lol. 

We're also going to really miss our apartment. It was so much fun decorating and making our apartment cozy. We also had a tennis court where we would play past midnight with our neighbors.

Although we're sad to leave NYC, we're also excited to explore a new area: DC! I actually love the DC area. Still plenty of fun things to do and lots of restaurants to try. We're hoping to travel more while we're here, too.

Here are some pictures of our old apartment. We had an amazing view of the city.  

Sunday, March 29, 2015


Before our big move, hubs and I decided to take a trip to Peru! Neither of us had ever been to South America before, so we were both very excited. Our first day in Lima was so much fun! We walked everywhere and explored the Historical Center of Lima. I was surprised there weren't many tourists in that area. We had a blast taking our time wandering the streets.

Plaza San Martin - Plaza de Armas - Monastery of Santo Domingo

From our hotel, we walked to the Plaza San Martin and then onto the larger and more popular Plaza de Armas. I was impressed with how well the gardens were kept! Afterwards, we went to the Monastery of Santo Domingo. Beautiful!

The monastery had 2 beautiful cloisters. We wandered around for a couple hours, taking pictures of everything. 

Iglesia Convento de San Francisco and the Cathedral of Lima

Food in Lima
We had some pretty incredible Peruvian food in NYC, which was how we became interested in traveling to Peru in the first place. We were definitely NOT disappointed with the food in Lima. Peruvian cuisine is delicious. It's tough to describe because it's so unique!

The third day, we flew into Cusco! The elevation was over 11,000 ft, and I definitely felt a change in altitude since we had just come from sea level. Luckily, we only had minor headaches that day and were still able to go sightseeing.  

We visited Puca Pucara, Tambomachay, Pisac, and an animal sanctuary. 

Pisac Ruins

This is where we started our 1 day hike on the Inca trail to Machu Picchu. We hopped off the train at km 104, walked across a bridge, and met our tour guide. 

The start of our hike to Machu Picchu! Beautiful, right?

Winay Wayna 
These ruins were AMAZING! It was so green and the terraces were huge!

Right before we entered the Sun Gate, we had a steep climb up these steps. It was insane (after already having hiked several hours).

Sun Gate - Machu Picchu
And then, we entered Machu Picchu! It was spectacular!

The view of Machu Picchu from the Sun Gate.

This was a really cute town. Although small, there were some very interesting ruins nearby. We stayed here for a couple of nights. We loved all the food! 

My love. <3

Ollantaytambo Temple

This is where the virgins were sacrificed. Just kidding! These circular terraces were used as an experimental laboratory for agriculture.  

Salinas de Maras -  The Salt Mines
All of this salt originates from a small stream.

Chinchero Market


Miraflores - Larcomar Boardwalk

Another highlight of our trip was the SkyKitchen. We took a Peruvian cooking class where we learned to cook 4 dishes: causa, lomo saltado, ceviche, and picarones.

Check out this Master Chef!

Bon appétit! 

Just a few helpful tips:

For transportation to and from the airport in Lima, we prearranged a driver through Peruvian Shuttle. It cost $23 one way to our hotel in downtown Lima and to Miraflores. They were reliable and the cars were new and clean. Beware that taxis in Lima are not metered, negotiate the price with the driver before you enter the car.  

We used ATMs to withdraw Peruvian Sols and found the exchange rate to be very reasonable. Be sure to use ATMs that are located indoors such as at a hotel.

If you're on a budget, there are very affordable hostels for around $70 or less and many of them include breakfast. Our tour with SAM Travel Peru included our lodging in Cusco, Ollantaytambo, and Aguas Calientes which was a bargain for us. 

We found Peru to be pretty safe. Of course, you should be aware of pick-pocketing in touristy areas.