Wednesday, April 30, 2014


The hubs and I visited Thailand and had an incredible time! We visited Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Sukhothai, and Krabi. It was his first time visiting Thailand and I'd like to share some of our highlights and recommendations from our trip.

Visit the Grand Palace! Dress conservatively, no shorts, tank tops etc. But you can wear flip flops! Afterwards, find some yummy authentic Thai food :) Also, use the Skytrain to explore Bangkok, it's cheap and easy to navigate.

Make sure you bring a hat and fan because it is going to be hot! Ayutthaya is about an hour drive outside Bangkok. It was once the capital of Thailand. There are many ruins in the area and it is easiest to see all the sites through a tour.

This is another amazing place to visit. Sukhothai is located about 5 hours north of Bangkok. It was once the capital of Thailand as well, before Ayutthaya. This place was pretty incredible. We rented bicycles from our hotel and explored the ruins ourselves at our own pace. I would love to visit Sukhothai again, it's absolutely amazing.

The was the last place we visited on our vacation. The beaches and the water here are amazing! We had so much fun exploring the islands. The water there really is that blue and clear! It's so beautiful!

Various pictures from my iPhone.

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