Sunday, April 19, 2015

Good-bye NYC!

The hubs and I left NYC today. It's bittersweet. We're really going to miss our friends but I know we'll see them again soon. Yesterday, a good friend took us all over the city. She knows the best places for food! I hardly took any pictures of the food we ate (doh!), but I'll never forget it! We had prime rib, pasta, doughnuts, hot chocolate, fresh cookies, and some good ol' sourthern food. We ate A LOT of food lol. 

We're also going to really miss our apartment. It was so much fun decorating and making our apartment cozy. We also had a tennis court where we would play past midnight with our neighbors.

Although we're sad to leave NYC, we're also excited to explore a new area: DC! I actually love the DC area. Still plenty of fun things to do and lots of restaurants to try. We're hoping to travel more while we're here, too.

Here are some pictures of our old apartment. We had an amazing view of the city.  

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